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Anti-bullying Week 2023

This week is Anti-bullying Week in school. The theme is “Reach Out”. At a special assembly today, three members of our Student Council spoke to the students in the hall. Here are the words they said:

” Hello everyone. The theme of our Anti-bullying Week this week is ‘Reach Out’. Bullying affects millions of lives and can leave us feeling hopeless. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If we challenge it, we can change it. And it starts by reaching out. Whether it’s in school, at home, in the community or online, lets reach out and show each other the support we need. Reach out to someone you trust if you need to talk. Reach out to someone you know is being bullied. Reach out and consider a new approach. And it doesn’t stop with young people. From teachers to parents and influencers to politicians, we all have a responsibility to help each other reach out. Together, lets be the change we want to see. Reflect on our own behaviour, set positive examples and create kinder communities. It takes courage, but it can change lives. So this Anti-bullying Week, lets come together and reach out to stop bullying”