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October Assembly

Today, we had a whole school assembly. It was a jam packed assembly with performances, certificates and prizes galore.

– Halloween Show by Mrs Ennis’ and Mrs Kinsella’s 3rd classes. The girls danced, sang and recited a poem. It was spooktacular.

– Next up were our 4th classes, dressed in their pyjamas as they sang “Things that go bump in the night”

– The last performance was a choir (Ms Mannion’s 5th class, Ms Duggan’s 6th class and Mrs O’Carroll’s 4th class). They sang a song entitled “Together”. This song was performed by the choir on the day the Mayor visited us last week.

Following the performances, Mrs Clancy called out the winners of the Attendance Poster Competition. The posters had to raise awareness of the School Attendance Initiative “HERO – Here everyday ready on time” . The winners were presented with a voucher for Pennys and a homework voucher.

Ms Duggan called forward the winners of the Kindness Certificates for the month of October.

Mrs Atkins presented the Waterford Library Reading Stars Certificates.

To conclude the assembly, we spoke about how together we can help each other to showcase our talents by encouraging each other and celebrating together. We also spoke about Halloween Safety….have fun but stay safe.

More photos to follow of the Attendance Competition Posters.